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Felt like I haven't updated this journal in forever, so why not.

I think I already made a point long ago that I have always imagined my characters with exaggerated flaws and features. It doesn't reflect in any of my drawings yet by the simple fact that I'm, well... *whispers* bad at drawing. But anygays, in my head I often see my characters more cartoony and funny looking rather than just looking like regular humans.

But when I have described them in my stories I use pretty regular words and descriptions, which I have done by habit. I kinda want to try using descriptions that are more suitable to what I see in my head.

There are many reasons to this, but one thing that is kinda important to me is the fact that so many characters, so very very very many main characters and protagonists in these days, especially in YA-fiction, are pretty. Or they're "not the most beautiful but still rather attractive/skinny/pure skinned" little guys and gals for our comfort.

Or you have those characters who are extremely beautiful, but the writers describe them as "ugly"  because "they are ugly for THEIR society, not ours!". Pft. Nonesense. To me that's one lame exuce right there. I am fine with people making their characters beautiful, but it feels like a lot of us (I say us because I tend to be there too) are using words like "he/she was not (insert word) but still rather (insert word)" because we WANT to make the character somehow of a realistic being, but at the same time... all those porcelain-skinned models that are leading the roles of YA-fiction and popular media nowadays just takes away all of that.

For me it has become such a perk that I have kept from watching series and movies that portray very pretty lead characters. Even though the stories and such may be awesome and enjoyable. Which really sucks. I'm a shithead for having this perk, I know.

Yet this idea that only people who are pretty by society and media standards get to experience adventure, love and action, that they are the heroes, the cool ones, kicking ass on high heels or rocking a black leather armour, because who minds a bit of boyish clothing on a girl with such great cheekbones anyway, right? I find it kinda sad.

Because being a fat, round-faced girl with short legs and tiny eyes makes it kinda impossible for me to relate to any of these fictional settings. It's been ages since I last read a book where I could relate to a character's universe at all. Growing up with Harry Potter and all those cartoony, awesomely flawed figures in my head, one could always see faces of oneself and friends in that universe. To me that was one of things which made the books so awesome to read.

Plus the overflow of threesome dramas between teenagers who think they know all about "true love" is getting quite much too.

It's not just for myself. I'm a confident little fucker. Perhaps I'm just a hypocrite with my weird littles tastes who just wants to see more of my kinds of sexy on the pages and on screens, who knows :lol: but I just want more diversity. More realism. Very few of us have flawless skin or perfect hair even though we just ran a marathon. If we crept through the sewers in our undewear we don't look sexy dirty, we look dirty disgusting poop-dirty, ya know. That kind of stuff. I want that. That's the fun part.

I don't really want to get into the role of "uhhh I'm so speshul with my super-speshul uglies". Plus the word "ugly" for me is so fucked up anyway, since I like ugly, ugly is awesome, ugly is beautiful. Big, sharp noses are the shit! From my point of view all my characters are perfect little crispy cornflakes :heart:

Still, I'm gonna toss them all in the grinder and see what happens.
So if anyone thinks I'm slowly creating more and more "ugly" looking characters as some silent protest, then yup, I am. Potatoes can rebel against authorities too. Those goddamn authorities, man, is there a sign so much of YA-fiction focuses on teenagers taking down society leaders nowadays?

I realize this journal became an odd mix of seriousness, sarcasm and dry humour.
And poop.

*Jazzhands exit*


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